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Third Street is really more family than friends. As our independently-operated, wholly-owned subsidiary, Third Street makes all-natural iced tea and chai concentrates. In addition, they recently launched a premium line of ready-to-drink (RTD), 14 oz bottled beverages: 9 flavors of Organic, All-Natural, Non-GMO, Fair Trade-certified black teas, green teas and lemonades.

Some of our other friends include…


The Charlston Tea Plantation, Owned by the Bigelow Family and William Barclay Hall, is the only place in America where tea is commercially grown. At one point, it was owned by Lipton and I was the tea taster for the estate. I have fond memories of my visits down to Wadmala Island, where the tea is grown.


I have known Lori Bigelow and Bill Hall for over 30 years, they truly can be counted as among my best friends. It is just good fortune that they would both be involved in owning and running Americas only Tea Estate.


Atlantic Publishing Company

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I just tried your tea on a local 7-Eleven fountain and love it!  I look forward to when your concentrate hits the stores this summer.  I will tell my friends and family to look for it, too!  -Heather in Parker, CO


The tropical tea is the best green tea I have ever had! – Denise C. Loveland, CO

My husband and I were in a 7Eleven in Southern California (Riverside) last summer and we got your tea from the fountain and it was the BEST tea in the world. It was so good we had to drive out of our way (45 miles) on our return trip home to stop and get more Big Gulps of it! And honestly, we got 4 of them-two with ice for the ride home and 2 without for later.

We also were in the Disneyland area for that same trip and we spent a good solid 2 hours searching via cell phone maps and calling for 7-11's in the Anaheim area and FINALLY we found one WITH YOUR TEA! and again we took Big Gulps of it back to the hotel with us.                    -Alison, Yuma, AZ


"BW Coopers' Sweet Green Tea is my favorite drink!"

                                            Robin, Missouri



I am from the south and we of course know our sweet tea. My family and I moved to the Seattle area in 2002 and were immediately distraught to find that no restaurants sold brewed sweet tea. I am sure you know that you can't add sugar to unsweetened brewed tea after it cools and get anything similar to good old sweet tea.

At some point last year, my local 7-11 added Coopers Sweet Tea to their Big Gulp machine and my husband tried it. He ran straight home (he was actually on his way to work) and said "Baby you have to try this!!! It's amazing" and I did and I was totally amazed and so happy. Your tea is FABULOUS. It tastes just like the sweet tea we had at the bbq restaurant I worked at when I was 18 and in college. It tastes like my Grandma's sweet tea. I am totally addicted to it and love it very much. Keep up the great work!!

                                                          Gena, Puyallup, WA


Dear Cooper Tea company:

To start, I would like to explain that I developed a taste for tea, both hot and iced, when I was a child. My father drank both hot and iced teas and I realized then how wonderful, natural and refreshing it is. I've been a fan since. One thing that prevents me from dirinking more iced tea when dining out though is that it's usually tasteless. At home, I can brew it a little stronger to give it more flavor but sometimes it ruins the taste.

Recently, my wife and I were ding out at the local Rock bottom Brewery restaurant and she ordered an iced tea. Much to my surprise when it arrived at our table, it was a very rich in color. I had to try some! After tasting it, I quicly told our waiter to change my diet cola to iced tea. I proceeeded to drink at least a quart of your awesome tea while having lunch.

Your tea is easily the best tea I've ever tasted. For once, a tea that has flavor. I've drank all kinds of teas an yours is simply the most flavorful without being bitter. I have been on a diet so I sweetened my tea with a low cal sweetener and just a small squeeze of lemon. What a taste treat after drinking so many tasteless diet drinks! After our meal, I asked the waiter what kind of tea it was an he told me it was Cooper's Iced Brew tea. Of course I'm now trying to locate a place to buy some, now that your tea has moved to the top of my favorite drink list. This story is true and I mean every word of it.! Thanks for such a great tea!!!"

                                                            Victor in San Jose, CA

Of course I like the name, but even more, I like the taste of your Sweet Tea. I tasted it at Popeyes Chicken and want to know how I can get some for my home


                                                            -Jim Cooper, Humble,TX

I have tried all the other tea drink on the market and ther is only 1 tea that makes me thank heaven for 7-Eleven and that tea is Cooper's Sweet Tea. Simply put, Cooper Tea is the only tea that tastes great mate!!!
                                                                           Aurora, IL

"Cooper's Iced Brew Sweet Tea is the gem of the South! I just recently discovered your products here in Florida at our local 7-11 and just can't get enough. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait for it to come out in a bottle but until then, I will be visiting a 7-11 as often as possible! "                                     -Pennie
                                                                                          Spring Hill, Florida

Dear B.W. Cooper:

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter-in-law loves your sweet tea.  She discovered it during her pregnancy and craved it. After she give birth to my precious granddaughter, I picked up a 64 oz. cup of your tea and brought it to her at the hospital.  You should have seen her face light up when I walked into her room with that cup. Since then, I have been going to the store twice a week to fill a one gallon pitcher with B.W. Cooper's sweetened iced brew tea to keep in the refrigerator for her.                                                                          Sincerely,                                                                                         Brenda in Milwaukee, OR

One of the most important aspects of my day is deciding what goes on my menu. Everything must be perfect for my customers. I have no problem selecting the tea. B.W. Cooper's is the most superb iced tea I have ever tasted, and is the only one served at the Flagstaff House.
                                                                                       -Mark Monette, Executive Chef
                                                                                        The Flagstaff House, Boulder, CO

I discovered Cooper Tea last year at 7-11 and have been hooked ever since! Not only is it refreshing but it has a unique flavor you'll enjoy again and again!
                                                                                     -Randy Baltimore
                                                                                      Vienna, VA

We recently tasted Coopers Unsweetened Fresh Brew tea and it was the most delicious tea we have ever had. A great product.
                                                                                     -Adie Resnick
                                                                                      Little Neck, NY

I am on the road regularly as a trucker. I look forward to hitting the truck stops to find some of that Coopers Iced Brew Sweet Tea I love.
                                                                                    -Matt Bickford
                                                                                     Clarence, IA


"I recently discovered Cooper Tea and absolutely fell in love with it! I drive out of my way EVERY DAY just to have some! I guess you could say I'm addicted. I love that it's all natural...and was happy to learn tha I can enjoy the tea without a guilty conscience...it's calorie free! Thanks for making such a terrific product. I think you found a fan for life!"

                                                                        -Jeannine, Irvine, CA



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