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It all started in 1999.

Barry was asked by a national chain if he could develop a concentrated iced tea that was real tea. No artificial colors or flavors and none of that foul-tasting tea powder. Real brewed tea that was concentrated down so it could still work with their machines. An iced tea that real tea lovers would appreciate.

When he started investigating what was currently being used in the industry, he found astonishing practices. In his opinion, tea commonly being served around the country could not even be considered real tea. Some products had up to 20 ingredients, including red dyes and artificial flavors.

He knew he could do better.

The first thing he did was consider the actual tea leaves that made the blend. In most cases, he found that companies were using inferior products to make their teas. They were simply adding artificial tea flavors to make their brews taste like tea.

This led to the first important decision in the history of the Cooper Tea Company: High-quality, real tea is used in our teas. Not the cheapest, least expensive teas available.

After four years of research, trial and error, Barry perfected the tea.

After consistently beating the competition in taste tests, the tea was finally delivered to the store – and shared with customers.

Cooper’s Iced Brew Tea concentrate was tested in three markets in 2002 and was launched nationally in 2003. The success was immediate. In 2005, the brand name was changed to “B.W. Cooper’s Iced Brew Tea.” Multiple flavors have since been launched, to meet consumer demand.

Always on the forefront, we offer the only USDA-Certified Organic Bag-in-Box Tea on the market. With a very clean label, the product has only 2 ingredients: organic black tea and filtered water.

B.W. Cooper’s premium Bag-in-Box iced teas offer fresh-brewed flavor without the hassle of on-site brewing. This winning combination of taste and convenience has led it to be a leader in the marketplace. The products are now served in various foodservice channels: fine dining restaurants, fast casual restaurant, universities, schools, hospitals, convenient stores and casinos.

The company maintains its best-in-class position by combining tea expertise with an unbridled passion for innovation. Recently Cooper Tea Company became the first company to bring to market a Cold Brew Tea concentrate designed specifically for the commercial foodservice industry. Slowly steeped for hours at the company’s Colorado microbrewery, B.W. Cooper’s Cold Brew Tea has a uniquely intense yet smooth taste profile, without any bitterness or excess astringency. The USDA-Certified Organic blend has just 2 simple, all-natural ingredients: organic black tea & filtered water. With an high-yield mix ratio, BWC CBT is proving to be the ideal solution for chefs, GMs and owners of restaurants, coffeeshops, and other discerning food service operators.

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