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In some stories, tea is the hero. In others, it’s the context within which the characters relate. Regardless, the tone is always light and fun with a bit of a swagger.

With over 40 years of experience tasting and blending tea, Barry is recognized as a master of his craft in both the herb and tea trades. He’s spent a lifetime traveling to some of the most remote reaches of the planet to source rare herbs and teas.

But before he was a Tea Master, Barry was a small boy from England being raised in the heart of Kenya. He spent his childhood playing in the wilds of Africa, and this experience instilled a love for adventure that hasn’t diminished. In fact, adventure seems to follow Barry around. Routine work assignments somehow end up putting Barry on a charter flight out of a war zone, working the labor lines in a tea field, living in a brothel, staring down the wrong end of a machine gun and in a host of other unexpected situations.

Silver Spoons, Mad Baboons and Other Tales of Tea walks readers through Barry’s life of adventure and the learning he garnered from his illustrious career in tea.

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