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B.W. Cooper’s Cold Brew Tea is a craft tea made in small batches using a slow and cold brewing process. Painstaking attention to detail is employed to produce a cold brewed tea with a uniquely smooth and intense taste. USDA-Organic Certified and All-Natural, this tea is perfect for discerning tea drinkers, chefs and baristas.

Slowly steeped for hours at the company’s Colorado microbrewery, B.W. Cooper’s Cold Brew Tea has a unique, superior flavor profile. Tea drinkers love the smooth, bold, refreshing taste. The blend has enough tannins to provide a delightful mouthfeel, without any bitterness or excess astringency often found in lesser teas, and the Organic blend has just 2 simple, all-natural ingredients: organic black tea and filtered water. 

Offered in a concentrate format, users can easily make the amount they need – a glass, a gallon, or a full commercial 3 gallon batch. This flexibility reduces waste and conserves water, for enhanced sustainability.

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