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The most convenient way to take a half-gallon of tea home—
or carry it to the park, the golf course, out sailing or hiking, or to your favorite sporting event!

Delicious, iced brew tea ready to take home—or to your favorite event. B.W. Cooper’s Tea To-Go bags have a convenient pour spout and built-in carrying handle. Each one holds a half-gallon (64 oz.) of premium ice brewed tea. Ask your local restaurant, resort or golf club to give us a call and start carrying them today!

Lightweight and as thin as a sheet of paper when empty, these bags are simple to store. Fill one up in 30 seconds and hand your customers a half-gallon of tea to go along with their meal. Fill some each morning and you're ready for the day. They work great as a delivery, drive-through or catering/family-pack product.

Available to all retailers who serve B.W. Cooper's Iced Brew Tea. To place an order, call 303.527.1700.

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