WHERE DOES TEA COME FROM?2020-08-21T13:41:25-06:00

All tea have the same origin! Black, white, green or oolong—all tea comes from two leaves and a bud of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is the oxidation process that makes different teas, not the tea bush. 🤯

WHAT MAKES A HIGH QUALITY TEA?2020-08-21T13:40:49-06:00

The blending process! Concocting a fine blend is a full sensory experience: from the flavor, to absorbing the aroma, to the mouth-feel…you sense its character and heritage. And your heart overflows with joy. Have a taste of our black and green teas, and we know you’ll appreciate it. Quality badge guaranteed.

WHERE ARE B.W. COOPER TEAS SOURCED FROM?2020-08-21T13:42:04-06:00

We personally select our teas from the growing regions all around the world such as Africa, South America, India, China to name a few!

WHAT’S YOUR BREWING PROCESS?2020-08-21T13:42:49-06:00

We honor the tea brewing tradition, and have put our own B.W. Cooper spin on it. We use our in-house kettles and select the best leaves to blend. We brew in small batches to ensure top quality, and our crew does this all in a zero carbon footprint facility. And some other secrets in there, but that’s why it’s magic.

  1. Use a teapot or really large mug.
  2. Pour hot water into the pot or mug to warm it up (this keeps the temp of the water higher when you brew the tea).
  3. If you are making tea for one person, put one teaspoon of tea in the pot or mug. If you are making tea for two people put in two teaspoons (but you had better have a really big mug).
  4. Boil the water and pour it into the pot or mug. At least 12 oz of water for one cup, 20 oz for two cups.
  5. If you like your tea weak, leave it sitting for 2 minutes then pour out the tea through a tea strainer into a teacup/mug.
  6. If you like your tea strong leave it sitting for 3 to 4 minutes and then pour out the tea through a tea strainer into a teacup/mug
  7. If you like your tea REALLY, REALLY STRONG stir the leaves after two minutes and pour it out through a tea strainer after 4 minutes into a teacup/mug
  8. Enjoy!
WHAT IS B.W. COOPER’S FAVORITE TEA?2020-08-21T13:44:24-06:00

He says: I have many favorites. That’s the beauty of tea; there are so many to choose from. However, I have put together my “dream blend.” It consisted of high-grown Nuwara Eliyas picked in May, Kenya tea picked east of the Great Rift Valley, a high-grown Rwandan valley tea for its earthy taste, and finally, just a touch of second-flush Darjeeling to give it a little bite. Of course, this is an impossible blend to market commercially. Such teas are not available in sufficient quantities to assure a year-round, consistent tea. It was one helluva blend though! Knocked your socks off!