Cooper Tea’s own lemonade!


Welcome to 2020 and the arrival of Cold Brew Tea, that has taken me years to refine and perfect. It replicates the art of Sun Tea but with a modern twist of being organic and environmentally sustainable to produce. The tea is slowly and gently brewed in cold water until it reaches the peak of flavor. We then concentrate the brew to make it easy and oh so convenient to make. One can learn from past traditions, and we have done so and proudly present a truly unique tea concentrate, cold brewed, smooth, rich, delicious and ready to be consumed on your front porch.

– B.W. Cooper


The mid-seventies presented the art and practice of Sun Tea, where people were setting tea in a jar of cold water on a front porch. From sunrise to sunset, the tea would slowly surrender its color and flavor, until only the spent leaves were left at the bottom of the jug. This makes for an effortlessly delightful taste and aroma that only sweet, sweet time in the rays can yield. We took notes from tradition, and went ahead and bottled up this liquid sunshine for your convenience, so you can cherish your time. All the math and labor is done, so enjoy by simply adding water. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy — really, add a slice if you’re feeling fancy — it’s why we made it.